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International airport «Gagarin»
Open hours: arround the clock
Dear passengers!
It is required to wear face masks while at the Gagarin International Airport and on an airplane.
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GSV International Code Assigned to Gagarin Airport

The GSV international three-letter code was assigned to the new Gagarin Airport (member of the Airports of Regions Holding) in Saratov. The IATA Passenger Services Conference passed appropriate Resolution No. 763. The unique code assigned was formed by using the airport name and the city of its location (G – Gagarin, SV – SaratoV).

“Three-letter IATA airport codes are specified in particular in itinerary receipts and on boarding passes and baggage tags, and are displayed on monitors of passenger terminal public address system for identification of the airport along with its home town and name,” says Alexei Zhamkin, Executive Director of the Gagarin Airport. “Airports and airlines regularly use IATA codes when transmitting service information related to arrangement of passenger transportation, for example, in systems for coordination of flight schedule, air tickets booking and sales, and aeronautical information publications,” the chief executive said.

The IATA code consisting of three Latin letters is a unique individual identifier of facilities important for passenger air transportation. It is assigned to airports, airlines, aircraft types, regions, countries, time zones and other facilities.

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